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History of Europe, Celts & Freedom


The Series Overview

As an on-going exploration, this study seeks to gain insights into the present from Europe’s buried past. A century ago, a woman in Slovenia began uncovering artifacts that challenged history’s conventional telling, and today archeologists are adding to this body of knowledge across the continent and British Isles. It is becoming increasingly clear that the pre-Christians revered women as the gateway to the future, but also honored the leadership, valor and accomplishments of both their men and women. The unavoidable conclusion is that a dramatic change in the treatment of women has occurred during the past 2500 years. By identifying and addressing the causes for this deterioration, equilibrium can return. A deeper understanding of ancestral Celts portends to strengthen the foundations of current society, and especially the family.

The first book in the HIDDEN WOMEN series, A History of Europe, Celts and Freedom, gives a broad, general introduction to the topic. Later volumes delve into various aspects of Celtic Europe to gain a more comprehensive view of the entirety. Given the immensity of the subject matter, a major goal of this project is to engender more research by others. Please help.


New finds call for another look at women in European history. Ever more convincingly, buried treasures show that Europe’s ancient Celts valued females in ways that later empires did not.  Archaeology is uncovering vast differences between these family-centric populations and the Roman Empire that fueled its expansion by conquest, occupation and enslavement of Celtic peoples.  Over the past 2000 years, institutionalized sexism has carried Rome’s elitist male domination all the way to the present.


Lexicus Press announces

A History of Europe Celts and Freedom

by Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

5 x 8 inches.  180 pp, 101 full-color images.  6 poems.
Available on Amazon, both in e-book and in paperback.

Kindle ISBN 978-0-9727484-1-4, $9.99
Paperback ISBN 978-1-9735597-4-0, /$24.99




A History of Europe Celts & Freedom


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Hear an intro from Jacqui 

“Tracking pre-Christian ancestors has revolutionized our understanding of Europe and woven together loose threads that have made no sense. The greatest bonus is that we now feel connected all over Europe - wherever we travel, we are at home. We hope that the book will give readers the same sense of a rich, pan-European heritage - and help give Celts their due.”

Dive Deeper into HIDDEN WOMEN


Along with the riches that have been found in women’s burial chambers, excavations across the continent reveal a surprising consistency in technological capabilities, communication and trade networks of Iron Age Celts. Ancient tombs and treasure troves throughout Great Britain, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia give insights into a formerly vibrant culture that is no longer recognized.

Hidden Women brings vantage views into this wealthy, productive, nature- loving, Iron Age civilization.


Many more beautiful photographs await in HIDDEN WOMEN. 




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